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AMD64 port for SBCL

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Kevin Rosenberg

May 14, 2003, 1:03:12 PM5/14/03
For my applications using the Unified Medical Langugage System, the
process space of 32-bit processors is too small. I need a 64-bit CL
implementation. I have proposed a project to port SBCL to the AMD64
architecture. The initial specifications are listed at

At this point, what is needed is developer time to work on such a
port. I have created a project at where individuals
and organizations can make a tax-deductible donations to fund this
project. I've already committed an initial $1000 and am willing to
donate more.

Larry Hunter recently posted that he paid $50k to obtain a 64-bit
port. In the overall scope of his project, this was a minor amount. I
think that a similar amount would be reasonable for the SBCL
developers to charge for such a port.

If you would benefit from having a freely available, high-quality CL
implementation, I'd encourage you to consider assisting the funding of
this project.

Kevin Rosenberg

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