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Peter Seibel

Oct 6, 2005, 1:07:12 PM10/6/05
When I first started working on Practical Common Lisp I used Lisp to
generate HTML from files in the homebrew markup scheme I used to write
the book. Then, because browsers seem to have a lot of trouble
printing even simple HTML, I used a HTML->PDF converter to generate
PDF files that I could print out and do red-pen edits on. Then Marc
Battyani released his excellent CL-PDF and then CL-TYPESETTING and I
was able to start generating PDFs directly from my own markup and I
moved to an all-Lisp toolkit for producing my book (which lasted up
until I finally had to turn in Microsoft Word files to Apress, though
I did write one last backend for my markup scheme that allowed me to
generate RTF files with all the Apress styles properly applied.)

Anyway, I just put up a cleaned up version of the code I used to parse
my homebrew markup scheme as well as code that can take the output of
that parser and generate PDFs using cl-typesitting and HTML using my
own FOO library (the subject of Chapters 30 and 31 of PCL.) Anyway, I
thought some of you might be interested in such a thing as it provides
a piece of the typesetting puzzle that cl-typesetting does not provide
out of the box. You can read about it at:

both of which were generated from:

which is in my homebrew markup scheme. Brief installation instructions
are at the bottom of the documentation. If you try it, let me know how
it goes.


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