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Re: J/Direct and StringBuffer

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Heia...........Heida pilk peale nendele............

Postita ka midagi sinna.

Siis pärast hea mul lugeda, et mu lehtedel on mõni külastaja ka !

Ųyvind Nilsen kirjutas reede, 8. oktoober 1999 kl 10:00:00 UTC+3:
> Hi
> I'm trying to make an exe that uses win api to access and manipulate
> inifiles.
> Using J/direct I declare the getPrivateProfileString()
> public static native int GetPrivateProfileString(String lpAppName, String
> lpKeyName, String lpDefault, StringBuffer lpReturnedString, int nSize,
> String lpFileName);
> and it works ok, however this function has a feature that when called with
> lpKeyName = null, it sets the lpReturnedString to all keys in the section.
> My problem is that the seperator in lpReturnedString is '\0' (c binary null)
> and all access to the StringBuffer in Java stops at the first '\0'
> Does anyone know of a different way to declare the function or manipulate
> the StringBuffer or do I just have to use tokenizer and strings to
> accomplish this ?
> Thanks
> Oyvind
> Media Technology
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