TransModal modal dialog project : v. 0.0.4 beta released

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May 10, 2008, 4:15:38 PM5/10/08
For the previous version see:

First of all many thanks for everyone's feedback for the previous
beta: here in c.l.j. and who wrote directly to my e-mail. It would be
still the best IMHO to keep the discussion public though personal
feedback is still and always welcome.

Secondly Sourceforge just found the glitch in the account setup
preventing to use it. So the project web-site is now up and running
but 0.0.4 is not really "released" but merely straight dumped to the
site for testing and for download. Honestly I never released a
software version in such sloppy way before; my only excuse is that I
am on a narrow time limit with my commercial projects plus the
Sourceforge-caused delay. By 0.0.5 it should be a normal version
tracking schema.

A lot of bug fixes, definitely a lot of introduced.

Also TransModal now uses Crystal Clear icon collection under Lesser
GNU license for dialog system icons. Therefore the current version is
provided in two download packages:

Full (~1.2Mb) with the full icon set:

Light ( ~89Kb) with only test icons:

The test page for Strict mode is:

The test page for Compat mode is:

We are not making "Usenet-friendly" pretty-print anymore as it's too
much non-productive. Instead current script can viewed as text/plain
file at:

Any criticism and bug reports are highly appreciated.


May 10, 2008, 4:43:19 PM5/10/08
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