JRE for EJB calls from client?

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Aug 3, 2004, 8:12:43 AM8/3/04

While designing an application, I would like to make the clients
(Swing applications) direclty call the session EJBs running on my
weblogic server.

The question is : which JRE should I install on client machines, since
they need J2SE 1.4 for my swing GUI but also some J2EE libraries to be
able to call EJBs?

Maybe they should install J2SE 1.4 JRE + j2ee.jar (from a j2ee JDK)?
Should they call my EJB as RMI objects, so that they would not need
j2ee.jar anymore (but how?)?

Thank you by advance for any help!


Aug 4, 2004, 9:41:28 AM8/4/04
I have just found the wlclient.jar library in the server/lib
directory. This solved my problem. I've just added this jar to the
client classpath, as well as the ejb-client.jar generated with
weblogic workshop (which contains the stubs of my EJBs). This works
fine! I still use my EJB as if I was on the same machine (weblogic
uses iiop instead of the T3 protocole which is in my url).
Thanks to the "Package" part of this link:

Does this seem right to you?

Is there any license linked to this library (how to know it?) or may I
distribute it with my app?

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