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Unicon build on Debian SID

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Oct 17, 2009, 12:31:03 PM10/17/09
I'd like to report a successful build of Unicon ( the 11.5 source distribution
from ) on Debian unstable. I had to
install the tendra c compiler in order to obtain the ndbm.h file ( according
to the README ) and run make with the CC=tendracc makeflag, and also install
libx11-dev and libxpm-dev. This seems to be the only place to make such report
( as requested in the README ), since the software, which to all intents and
purposes is public domain, does not have a public newsgroup of its own. As a
continuation of Icon, it has some nifty higher level constructs, though it also
implements the ideas of MT-icon ( multi-threaded icon ). I've yet to explore
the full functionality of this, though ( can it be used to make daemons? ).

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