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john peterson

Aug 27, 1991, 10:55:25 AM8/27/91


The Haskell Report
Version 1.1
27 August 1991

The Haskell Committee, formed in September 1987 to design a "common"
non-strict purely functional language, has released an updated version
of the Haskell Report.

Following the Version 1.0 Haskell report, several sites have
implemented Haskell (or a subset thereof) and people have started to
use these implementations. Based on this experience of implementation
and use, it became apparent that a modest revision of the language
would be desirable, in which some improvements in syntax could be made
and certain features generalised. This Version 1.1 report is the result.

This revision was specifically not intended to add any substantial new
features to the language, but rather to tidy up the existing language.
However, there are enough changes in the report that we suggest that
copies of the old 1.0 report be replaced with this new report.

You may get a hard copy by:

Sending $10 to: Sending 5 pounds to:
The Haskell Project The Haskell Project
Department of Computer Science Department of Computing Science
Yale University University of Glasgow
Box 2158 Yale Station Glasgow G12 8QQ
New Haven, CT 06520 USA SCOTLAND

The report is also being made available by electronic distribution.
Three different files may be obtained:

report-1.1.ps -- A postscript version of the report
report-1.1.dvi -- A dvi version, smaller than the postscript version
report-1.1.tar -- The latex source for the report

You may get the report via normal anonymous FTP from Yale or Chalmers.
From Yale:
ftp nebula.cs.yale.edu (or ftp
login: anonymous
password: anonymous
type binary
cd pub/haskell-report
get report-1.1.dvi.Z (or .ps.Z or .tar.Z)

The ftp directory at Chalmers is not yet ready; a further announcement
will be made when this site is available.

People in the UK may get the same files via JANET NIFTP from Glasgow,
in a directory <FP>/haskell-report. Host: uk.ac.glasgow.dcs. Binary.
User: guest. Password: your e-mail address. A typical NIFTP
command, available on some Unix machines, might be:

cpf -b8 '<FP>haskell-report/report-1...@uk.ac.glasgow.dcs' my-own.tar.Z

The .tar file contains the source document in Unix tape archive
format; alternatively the .dvi or .ps files may be used for printing
only. All of the files are compressed (.Z); to uncompress them type
"uncompress <filename>". The report is over 150 pages long and has
been formatted for double-sided copying.

A mailing list for general discussions about Haskell is reachable in
one of two ways:

has...@cs.yale.edu or has...@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk

To be added to the above mailing list, send mail to either
haskell...@cs.yale.edu or haskell...@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk,
whichever is the nearer site to you. To inquire about implementation
status, send mail to one of the addresses mentioned in the version 1.1
preface of the report.

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