Is Haskell available?

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Roger B. Kirchner

May 15, 1990, 3:16:41 PM5/15/90

Would someone please post whether Haskell is available and where?
I have the documentation, but didn't keep track of where I got it.
Any info on Haskell would be appreciated.
Thanks. Roger Kirchner

Duke Briscoe

May 15, 1990, 4:48:24 PM5/15/90

The latest word on the Yale Haskell compiler is that a beta-test
version is expected to be ready in early June. The Yale Haskell
compiler compiles Haskell to T (the Scheme dialect), and then T can be
compiled to machine code. T runs on Suns, Apollos, HP , and DEC 3100
workstations, VAX/UNIX, Encore Multimax, and Macintosh/AUX. Its
possible that T won't run on the latest releases of the Apollo OS, I'm
not sure if anyone has done the maintenance for that. So Haskell
should run on all those machines. There are plans to improve the
portability of Yale Haskell by using Common Lisp and Scheme as
alternatives to the T based implementation.

This group will get an announcement when Yale Haskell is ready. Below
is information about how to get a copy of the Haskell report.

Date: Mon, 2 Apr 90 10:38:46 EDT
From: Paul Hudak <hudak-paul>
Subject: Release of Haskell Report


The Haskell Report
Version 1.0
1 April 1990

The Haskell Committee, formed in September 1987 to design a "common"
non-strict purely functional language, has (finally) completed its work
and wishes to announce a Report about the language. Several preliminary
versions of the Report were released to get feedback, and many changes
have been incorporated since the first release in December '88. The
current release will remain STABLE for at least one year.

You may get the report via anonymous FTP:
from Yale: from Glasgow:
ftp ftp
(or ftp
login: anonymous login: guest
password: anonymous password: <your username>
type binary type binary
cd pub/haskell-report cd <FP>haskell-report
get report-1.0.tar.Z get report-1.0.tar.Z
get report-1.0.dvi.Z get report-1.0.dvi.Z
get get
quit quit

The .tar file contains the source document in Unix tape archive
format; alternatively the .dvi or .ps files may be used for printing
only. All of the files are in compress format; to uncompress them
type "uncompress <filename>" at the Unix shell. The report is over
100 pages long and has been formatted for double-sided copying.

Alternatively, you may get a hard copy by:

Sending $10 to: Sending 5 pounds to:
The Haskell Project The Haskell Project
Department of Computer Science Department of Computing Science
Yale University University of Glasgow
Box 2158 Yale Station Glasgow G12 8QQ
New Haven, CT 06520 USA SCOTLAND

Two implementations of Haskell will soon be available, one built at the
University of Glasgow, the other at Yale University. Watch this space
for announcements.

From: Kevin Hammond <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 90 18:09:24 BST
Subject: Haskell Report: cheques and UK FTP

To add to Paul's message from Monday, please could you make cheques
payable to "The Haskell Project" if ordering the report from Yale
or "University of Glasgow" if ordering from Glasgow.

The FTP instructions sent on Monday seem to have confused some people
in the UK. Here are the niftp (network independent ftp) instructions.

niftp <FP>haskell-report/ from gla.cs
user guest, password (your email address)
mode binary

(I can't verify the command format for this). If you have hhcp use:

hhcp -b glasgow.cs:"<FP>haskell-report/" your-file.

where xxx is one of tar, dvi or ps (for TeX source, DVI, or PostScript).
Note that standard Unix 'ftp' will not work over JANET.


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