Is the FORTH language under the control of Mr Peter FORTH?

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Marc Petremann

Jul 17, 2021, 12:56:22 PMJul 17

My name is Marc PETREMANN

I started programming in the FORTH language in 1983. I am the author of several books on the FORTH language:
- Introduction to ZX-Forth
- Tours of FORTH
- Forth for CP / M
- TURBO-Forth Learning Manual
- TURBO-Forth reference guide
as well as a number of articles on FORTH in the French press.

I joined FORTH2020 two years ago.

Recently I was kicked out of the FORTH2020 group without any explanation.

The manager of FORTH2020, Mr. "Peter FORTH" does not respond to any of my messages justifying this eviction.

Worse. I intervened on REDDIT to answer questions about FORTH. My comments have been censored ... Peter FORTH?
Lately, I brought additional info about ESP32forth on YOUTUBE. Censored comment! Peter FORTH?

I wouldn't have intervened here without this latest censorship.

My interventions are intended to help FORTH users to understand the FORTH language.

If we do not agree with my comments, we can respond. But blind and unjustified censorship is unbearable.

I know SVFIG does a zoom meeting every month. I will introduce myself in one of these meetings with the subject: "syntax highlighting of FORTH language with PHP".

If the subject is refused and Peter FORTH is at the origin of this censorship, I will know what to expect.


Rick C

Jul 17, 2021, 9:48:59 PMJul 17
No, you can't be censored here no matter what. Welcome to anarchy!! The SVFIG group knows about him as well and don't let him anywhere near the censorship controls. In fact, I don't think he shows up there much.

We know about Peter Forth here. He blends in with the other crazies, but doesn't actually show up here much because he has no fan club to heap praise on him.

I was also removed from his Facebook group, I think because I disputed something he said, but he claimed it was because I was using an alias. Does anyone think Peter Forth is his real name?

The guy is a whack job and it is best to both ignore him and steer clear.


Rick C.

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Jurgen Pitaske

Jul 19, 2021, 6:10:29 AMJul 19
Just to add some related information:

As Paul Bennett has threatened to delete the whole thread in the Forth facebook group
if there are any more truths posted about Peter Forth there,
I better post it here - a safer place in this case:

This is how it started with a clip from the German magazine:

Peter Minuth alias Peter Forth hat den Finger am Forth–Puls, von Süd– Amerika aus, via Facebook,
so ziemlich in jede Ecke der Welt. Und so konnte er zusammentragen, was da auf dem Win32Forth so geht. Schaut mal rein bei ihm im Netz. Jostein S

PETER MINUTH alias PETER FORTH has his finger on the Forth Pulse,
from South America, via facebook,
to pretty in every corner of the world.
And so he was able to collect what's going on with Wi32Forth.
Take a look at him on the net

You, in the Forth facebook group kindly posted the link to the 4th Dimension magazine the article is in:
Found at

Unfortunately all in German. But there is always google translate

At the end of the article there you find:

[Zum Autor: Peter Minuth lebt heute in Sao Paulo, Brasilien. In Argentinien geboren, wuchs er zweisprachig auf, Deutsch ist seine Vatersprache. Forth nutzt er seit vielen Jahren. Im Studium der Astrophysik und später in der professionellen Arbeit bei der CNC Maschinenherstellung — von einfachen Werkzeugwechslern bei Leiterplattenrobotern bis zu complettem CAD/CAM für die LuftfahrtIndustrie. Hobbys: Sternbeobachtung, Tauchen, Fliegen und Bluesmusik.]

[About the author: Peter Minuth now lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Born in Argentina, he grew up bilingual, German is his mother tongue.
He's been using Forth for many years.
During the study of astrophysics and later in the professional work in CNC machine production
- from simple tool changers for circuit board robots
to complete CAD / CAM for the aviation industry.
Hobbies: stargazing, diving, flying and blues music.]

Kontakt: eMail: Facebook: Peter Forth

It is just funny, that one of the few others with this name is, probably a relationship
Herr Dr. Peter C. Minuth, Piepenburg Rechtsanwälte
Specialists in insolvency ...

This rounds up the picture for me

Quentin Quadrat

Aug 19, 2021, 5:39:14 PMAug 19
Marc, I sent you a private email because, for politeness concerning this person, the reasons I preferred to leave his group after someone was kicked off by him. Tell me if you got it.


Sep 7, 2021, 6:05:32 AMSep 7
Le jeudi 19 août 2021 à 23:39:14 UTC+2, Quentin Quadrat a écrit :
> Marc, I sent you a private email because, for politeness concerning this person, the reasons I preferred to leave his group after someone was kicked off by him. Tell me if you got it.


c' est grâce a vos livres que j'avais acheté ( - TURBO-Forth Apprentissage- TURBO-Forth référence guide) , livres en Français , que j'ai le plaisir de feuilleter et surtout d'apprendre le langage Forth !

merci a vous , et surtout une incompréhension de ce qui se passe ,

bien a vous


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