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manx (sound program) available for download

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Albert van der Horst

May 8, 2003, 8:22:42 AM5/8/03
As was announced some time ago, Marcel Hendrix and Albert Nijhof
have agreed to put the music score program out with the GPL
license. In practice this means unlimited usability and
source code for whoever wants it.

It can be downloaded via manx.html on the site in the sig.
(or via index -- projects -- first project )
This is an RCS archive. The whole development, starting from
the version present in iforth distributions is present.
There are some example scores too.

Start with reading notes.txt.
Then start playing scales on the built in speaker.

Two relevant quotations from notes.txt :

Recently there has been some interest in Manx.
A musical notation program.
This has faded away and I can see why.

1. Manx only runs on iforth. iforth is difficult to install
and only runs on linux.
2. mhx has expended great efforts in documenting it.
Still the documentation falls short. The pure user view of
manx as an application program is almost impossible to get right without
a user base of musicians. And IMHO the internal documentation
(such as needed for porting) leaves much to be desired.

Latest status (spring 2003)

Manx has been split into a driver part and a music part.
In principle the interface consist of MIDI-like commands.
Drivers have been written in Forth and are high level, cooperative
multi tasking. Multiple parts can be played together, such as
part 1 by the speaker, part 2 by the gold tingle.
I see a number of jobs:

I am looking for someone who is willing to help with the device
drivers for the sound card. ( I have no sound card on the system
iforth runs on.) This can be started from the RCS archive that shows
how the tingle software evolved.

Further, I would like to have the sources into a public open source
archive (like Source Forge or whatever.). So if somebody who has
experience with that would join the team, that would be equally nice.

There is a need for a publicaton that would be geared totally towards
musicians. This documentation would look nothing like a Forth
glossary. Instead it would contain a lot of musical scores ( using
tex/lilypond) and the equivalent manx code.
Albert van der Horst,Oranjestr 8,3511 RA UTRECHT,THE NETHERLANDS
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