ANN: 4tH version 3.64.1 has just been released!

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Hans Bezemer

Jun 14, 2022, 9:42:39 AMJun 14
You can download it at

* The words PROTO: and :PROTO were added.
* REFILL now supports CR-delimited files.
* Radixsort LSB and Binary Quicksort were added to the sort algorithms.
* A functional equivalent of the scanf() C-function was added.
* sprintf.4th now supports unsigned, octal and hexadecimal formats.
* A lighter version of the FPOUT library, sfpout.4th, was added.
* An interface to Wget and cURL was added.
* Another dynamic array library, more suited for sequential access, was added.

* A bug in comp_4th.c caused 4tH to allocate too many symboltable entries when using IS or TO.
* A bug in comp_4th.c caused 4tH to complain about empty strings when there was more than one space between CHAR, [CHAR], [DEFINED] or [UNDEFINED] and the string or name following it.
* A bug in 4th.c, mon.4th and editor.4th caused a crash when CRTL-D was pressed.
* A bug in 4tsh.c caused a memory leak when too many tasks were added.
* Several Zen FP routines were upgraded to 64-bit accuracy.

* Comes with an extensive library, featuring hundreds
of words covering ANS-Forth compatibility, user defined stacks,
lists, XLS, LaTeX, RTF and HTML files, floating point,
databases, etc. etc.
* Almost 95% of the CORE wordset is supported.
* Comes with a nice, 600+ page manual.
* Over 300 examples and 500+ libraries.
* Turbo C and GCC like frontends.
* Native packages for MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Coherent, Linux,
including the Ben Nanonote and the Raspberry Pi.

Hans Bezemer
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