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Fw: You are invited to join the 4ePost mailing list.

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John A. Peters

Jul 17, 2003, 1:41:45 AM7/17/03
to Comp.Lang.Forth
Here is your invitation to join a mailing list for the development of

4ePost is a email client written to compile on Win32Forth.

It is an informal mailing list for Bugs and Wish list items.

If you go here

You will see this and more . . (It will be in color)

The open project 4ePost.
4ePost is a mailer which is able to exchange email or news in ASCII using
the Internet.

The special features of 4ePost are: Its speed and the spamstring to free
yourself from Junkmail and spam.

A case insensitive search of multiple fields on the database with wildcards.
Follow the newest news groups during one month with their high and low
Read the HTML-manual in the zip-file before using this pack. 4ePost is free.
You are allowed to use it as you wish at your own risk.

4ePost is an open project. That means it is not finished yet and you are
free to contribute to this pack.

Jos v.d.Ven is the author. He is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Coast Daylight
saving time or +2 hours Greenwich time. He is quite responsive.

Jos has been a Win32Forth user since prior to 1998. He lives in Haarlem in
the Netherlands. You will need a good map to find it. English is my second
language, he says. (it understand to backwards message/manual a read to need
I Sometimes :-)

Here is some info from my interview with Jos :-)

"I started with an 1802 kit using assembler then Forth. Then came the Atari
520ST+ using UnixForth and GemForth. Now I am using the Gates system on a
P400 using in32Forth. I am waiting for the 4Gig. I did not have to use F-PC.
At that time I was using GemForth. GemForth was build on UnixForth and was
able to do windows. This was before Windows 95! The Atari became unreliable
so I moved to a P64."

He has a downloadpage for free programs, here.
All the programs were generated by Win32Forth or its kernel.

Thanks Jos!

John A. Peters
Win32Forth Librarian
japeters1939 on Yahoo IM 24/7 (Not quite)

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