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RfD: EKEY Event Record

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Peter Knaggs

Feb 23, 2010, 8:57:25 PM2/23/10
RfD: EKEY Event Record

2010-02-24 Minor revisions
2009-09-03 Separated from KEY/EKEY proposal.
2009-03-31 Original Text


The rationale for EKEY allows for an "event record" being returned
but the word has a signature of ( -- u ) which forbids the address of
such a record being returned.


Correct the stack signature of EKEY to ( -- x ) in order to allow an
address to be returned. The stack descriptions of both EKEY>CHAR and
EKEY>FKEY must also be changed to allow them to accept an address (x)
rather than a value (u).


1. Replace u with x in the definition of EKEY.
( -- u ) becomes ( -- x )

2. Replace the u with x in the definition of
EKEY>CHAR. ( u -- u false | char true ) becomes
( x -- x false | char true ).

3. Change the definition of 10.6.2.xxxx EKEY>FKEY from
( u1 -- u2 f ) to ( x -- u flag ).

4. Define the lifetime of the "event record" by adding the following
to the definition of EKEY:

x is valid until the next call to EKEY or EKEY?.

Peter Knaggs <>
School of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences,
University of Exeter, Exeter, Devon EX4 7QF, England

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