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Ann: Update smart home page

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Jos Ven

Jan 13, 2023, 9:02:53 AM1/13/23
I just updated my smart home page at
The most important new features for cforth are:

1) A new way to handle HTML-requests.
A request like: 'GET /home HTTP/1.1' etc no longer have to be
searched with ISTR=, STR= or search.
Now the HTML-requests are stripped of their separators.
Then a sealed dictionary is used to execute the words in the request (crash-proof)!
That saves me RAM memory and a lot of coding and searching!

2) An ESP-module loses the time as soon as you reboot or start it.
Here is what I did to get the right time from the latest webserver-light
that runs on a raspberry pi on my network.

The ESP-module sends a packet at the start to the Raspberry Pi on port 8080 containing:
TcpTime? @18 HTTP/1.1

Then the Raspberry Pi sends a packet back on port 80 containing:
GET 1673585740 3600 1673592300 1673621640 TcpTime HTTP/1.1 @18

After receiving that packet the ESP-module has the right time.
The stack notation for TcpTime is: ( UtcTics UtcOffset sunrise sunset - )

if this packet is not receved by the ESP-module, then the time will be set to 00:00
Now I van plot sensor data with the right time!
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