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Chris Page

Jun 18, 2008, 3:27:16 PM6/18/08
Dylan Resource Guide

This is a brief list of online resources available for the programming
language Dylan. This message is posted semi-regularly to the Usenet
newsgroup comp.lang.dylan.


Internet Relay Chat

  Most day-to-day discussion about Dylan occurs on the #dylan IRC
  channel on servers.

  Channel logs are available at


  comp.lang.dylan is the Usenet group for discussing Dylan.

  Google Groups has an archive going back over a decade.


The Dylan Language Reference Manual

  The "DRM" defines the Dylan language and standard library.

Dylan Programming

  Dylan Programming is a book that teaches how to program in Dylan.


Gwydion Dylan

  Gwydion Dylan is an open source command-line compiler originally
  developed by Carnegie Melon University as part of their Gwydion
  project. It is available on several platforms.

Open Dylan

  Open Dylan is an open source IDE originally developed by Harlequin
  and, later, Functional Objects. The IDE is available for Windows, and
  the compiler is available as a command-line program for other

The Dylan Resource Guide is maintained by Chris Page.
Send suggestions to <mailto:dylan-resources@chris-page*NOSPAM*.org>.
(Remove "*NOSPAM*" to make a valid email address.)

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