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Keith Thompson

Feb 5, 2009, 12:32:49 AM2/5/09
Where's the FAQ for this newsgroup? Thanks.

Spiros Bousbouras

Feb 6, 2009, 2:15:17 PM2/6/09
On Feb 5, 5:32 am, Keith Thompson <ks...@mib.org> wrote:
> Where's the FAQ for this newsgroup? Thanks.

The post above is a forgery and not posted by the real Keith
Thompson, a regular at comp.lang.c It is part of a recent
systematic attack against comp.lang.c whose purpose is to create
as much disruption as possible to the group. The modus operandi
is as follows: A new thread is created on some group, let's call
it X.Y.Z, with content which is topical for X.Y.Z On some
occasions (like this one) the name of the poster is one of a
regular at comp.lang.c but this is a forgery, it is not the
actual comp.lang.c regular who made the post. Follow-ups are
set for comp.lang.c This way, unsuspecting posters to X.Y.Z who
make replies which are topical for X.Y.Z, end up posting on
comp.lang.c with content which is off-topic for the latter.

There is a variation where the header of the trolling thread on
X.Y.Z not only contains a follow-up for comp.lang.c but also a
"References:" line which will result not only in replies
appearing on comp.lang.c instead of X.Y.Z but also in the middle
of some comp.lang.c thread with content completely unrelated to
the thread on X.Y.Z

Here are some examples:

Note the "References:" line in the header

Again there is a "References:" line in the header





and many more. So please be vigilant when replying to a thread
and check the follow-ups.

By the way, if someone really does want to know the FAQ for
comp.lang.clos it can be found at

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