Reseting or Reloading Printer in Report Pro

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Mark Clement

Jul 13, 2021, 8:35:44 AMJul 13
If you run a report and when the printer dialog box comes up you press properties. This allows you to set up the printer how you wish (i.e. only print page 2). The report prints quite happily using the properties you selected.

The problem is if you print a report later even if you do not change anything in properties this time it still remembers what you set up earlier.

Is there a way to make the printer load the properties it had when program started?


Jul 14, 2021, 8:44:01 PMJul 14
Hi Mark,

You can try the following options:

In Report Pro 3.x, you can get the the printer info, the save it to a
config file.

Check the help file for the oReport:GetReportIntAttribute(...) or
oReport:GetReportStringAttribute(...) methods.

Then you can set report object via oReport:SetReportIntAttribute(...)
or oReport:SetReportStringAttribute(...)

For Example:
oReport:SetReportIntAttribute(RPT_ATTR_FROM_PAGE, 2)

oReport:SetReportIntAttribute(RPT_ATTR_TO_PAGE, 3)

In Report Pro 2, you need to look at the the oRpReport:PrinterDevice
where you can get/set several properties.

For example:

oRpReport:PrinterDevice:Copies := 2

Good Luck!


Mark Clement

Jul 15, 2021, 5:49:25 AMJul 15
You are right this is an option.

The reason i am after a reset is there are lots of options in properties, which they could have set and i do not want to check them all. If there are no other answers this is an option as which page to print is the current problem.
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