Civilization 1 has some infinite loop bugs, some assemblers experts would be welcome.

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Skybuck Flying

Jul 16, 2022, 7:20:22 PMJul 16
Civilization 1 has some infinite loop bugs, caused most likely by unit pointing towards itself:

Live youtube stream showing the bug in action:

Any suggestions how to fix this in real time by manipulating some registers or memory contents is welcome !

Another civilization 1 hang, disassembly:


1E1E:000016B9 8B4608 mov ax,[bp+08] ss:[F006]=0600
1E1E:000016BC 3946E0 cmp [bp-20],ax ss:[EFDE]=0000
1E1E:000016BF 7503 jne 000016C4 ($+3) (down)
1E1E:000016C1 E98E00 jmp 00001752 ($+8e) (down)
1E1E:000016C4 B80006 mov ax,0600
1E1E:000016C7 F76E06 imul word [bp+06] ss:[F004]=B808
1E1E:000016CA 8BF0 mov si,ax
1E1E:000016CC B80C00 mov ax,000C
1E1E:000016CF F76EE0 imul word [bp-20] ss:[EFDE]=0000
1E1E:000016D2 03F0 add si,ax
1E1E:000016D4 F684D48108 test byte [si-7E2C],08 ds:[FFFFB1D4]=6E6
1E1E:000016D9 751D jne 000016F8 ($+1d) (down)
1E1E:000016DB B022 mov al,22
1E1E:000016DD F6ACD781 imul byte [si-7E29] ds:[FFFFB1D7]=2020
1E1E:000016E1 8BF8 mov di,ax
1E1E:000016E3 B80100 mov ax,0001
1E1E:000016E6 8A8D4811 mov cl,[di+1148] ds:[1148]=0000
1E1E:000016EA D3E0 shl ax,cl
1E1E:000016EC 0946E2 or [bp-1E],ax ss:[EFE0]=468B
1E1E:000016EF 83BD381100 cmp word [di+1138],0000 ds:[1138]=0000
1E1E:000016F6 EB37 jmp short 0000172F ($+37) (down)
1E1E:000016F8 837EFE05 cmp word [bp-02],0005 ss:[EFFC]=9A50
1E1E:000016FC 7534 jne 00001732 ($+34) (no jmp)
1E1E:000016FE B81C00 mov ax,001C
1E1E:00001701 F76EF4 imul word [bp-0C] ss:[EFF2]=FF50
1E1E:00001704 8BD8 mov bx,ax


1E1E:0000172F FF46AC inc word [bp-54] ss:[EFAA]=6F13
1E1E:00001732 B80C00 mov ax,000C
1E1E:00001735 F76EE0 imul word [bp-20] ss:[EFDE]=0000
1E1E:00001738 8BD8 mov bx,ax
1E1E:0000173A B80006 mov ax,0600
1E1E:0000173D F76E06 imul word [bp+06] ss:[F004]=B808
1E1E:00001740 8BF0 mov si,ax
1E1E:00001742 8A80DE81 mov al,[bx+si-7E22] ds:[FFFFB4BA]=6863
1E1E:00001746 98 cbw
1E1E:00001747 8946E0 mov [bp-20],ax ss:[EFDE]=0000
1E1E:0000174A 3DFFFF cmp ax,FFFF
1E1E:0000174D 7403 je 00001752 ($+3) (no jmp)
1E1E:0000174F E967FF jmp 000016B9 ($-99) (up)

EAX=0000003D ESI=00003000 DS=3324 ES=625D FS=0000 GS=0000 SS=0000 Real
EBX=00000000 EDI=00000000 CS=1E1E EIP=000016B9 C1 Z0 S0 O0 A1 P0 D0 I1 T0
EDX=0000FE50 ESP=0000EF9C 4492
ST0=00000.00 ST1=00000.00 ST2=00000.00 ST3=00000.00
ST4=00000.00 ST5=00000.00 ST6=00000.00 ST7=00000.00
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