The poisoning of gay men and the aids conspiracy and the corona pandemic.

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Dec 26, 2021, 4:58:40 PM12/26/21
This conspiracy theory starts with World War 2 and Alan Turing, Great Britian's Best Computer Scientist also involved in the war.

His death remains a mystery to this day. Some claim he was poisoned by an Apple. Steve Job's Apple computer company uses it in it's logo.

Then the aids pandemic happened in a time when homosexuality among gay men was not acceptable. Aids was supposed to be caused by a virus.

Some virus researchers casted doubts on this hypothesis and called the aids virus a retrovirus, in other words it was harmless and it was not he cause of aids.

Otherwise then mentioned drugs as a possible cause for aids.

Now during the Corona pandemic there are some parallels between the aids pandemic. Aids fighting drugs, distrustfull vaccines and so forth.

This leads to a potential conspiracy hypothesis:

Homosexual men were poisoned by secret agents/forces, potentially also brainwashed into believing they were sick and they started using bad drugs.

I like the poisoning hypothesis best, perhaps secretly stuffed into food, water or perhaps energy beams.

The singer of queen died during the aids pandemic, there is mention of strange burn-like wounds on his skin.

This seems more like a radiation device was applied to him.

Poisoning and killing homosexual men directly would be noticed to quickly, so instead a slower method must be used by those that want to get rid of homosexual men through poisoning or other more mysterious causes of death to maintain plausible deniability.

"They died from a sickness"

Plus creating shame around the sickness topic to prevent people from talking about it and discovering the thruth.

There is a clear parallel with tech companies trying to censor possible thruths/hypothesis of what is going on about the risks of vaccines and the virus.

Also keeping people seperated with social distancing rules and lockdowns to prevent them again from discussing possible thruths.

If the AIDS pandemic was a hoax then this implies that people where to dumb to discover the thruth back then, and now the suffer the same problem with the Corona pandemic.

It's not easy to discover the thruth about the pandemic, all human sensors are useless:

1. Cannot see the virus, it's too tiny.
2. Cannot hear the virus.
3. Cannot taste the virus.
4. Cannot smell the virus.
5. Cannot feel the virus.

It literally is an invisible enemy.
It literally is a noiseless enemy.
It literally is a tasteless enemy.
It literally is a odorless enemy.
It literally is an ungrabble enemy.

In a way it's the perfect lie, none of our sensors can be used to discover the thruth.

Considering points 1 to 5:

Point 1:
There are some that claim to have filmed the corona virus with an electronic microscope which can film tiny little organisms.
There is problem with this, there are many many many many tiny little organisms.
How can we be sure that the correct one was filmed ? If at all present.

Point 2:
Nobody has "heard" the corona virus ? There are some that might be able to destroy it via frequencies.

Point 3:
Nobody has be able to taste it ? Though perhaps "tests" can be considered a form of "tasting the virus". How these self-tests worked
is beyond me, coca cola, fruit juice, anything can make these tests positive, unreliable at best.

DNA sequencing machines, produced by china as well, produce random DNA sequences, unreliable.
To process DNA with other machine requires point 5 to grab it first, thus implies must know if it's the correct one.

Point 4:
Nobody has smelled it ?

Point 5:
Nobody has isolated it ? Must be proven first to indeed be the correct organism, must be tested, where is the evidence/proof/test results, witnesses ?

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