Corona Update 20, The Nazi Conspiracy

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Jan 1, 2022, 6:19:27 PMJan 1
The Nazi Conspiracy is repeating itself:

1. Spread around a virus like in 1918.
2. Collapse the economy, through bottlenecks in supply chain and inflation/hyper inflation.
3. Blame it on the existing goverments, incapable of fighting the virus, incapable of stopping the inflation.
New step introduced:
4. Spend 40 years injecting puppets/pawns into goverments/company.
5. Take over the companies and the governments, take over the world !

This time there are some extra sub steps involved:

1. Censorship
2. Blaming the virus on china/framing them.
3. Lot's of chaos.
4. Fake vaccine companies racking in extra money.
5. Media company takeovers, lot's of brain washing.
6. Try and prevent war this time ? :):):)

The nazis never went fully away, some are even in european goverment.

Europe was united just like Hitler wanted... perhaps that was also a step in their plan... for some reason not yet clear to me... perhaps the massivep purchasing of vaccines put some extra money in their pockets.

Beware the kruitz are at it again ! =D

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