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per-thread memory mangement techniques for c++...

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Chris Thomasson

Mar 3, 2007, 6:05:20 PM3/3/07
If you have been following the "Is this standard c++..." thread in this
group, then you may know that I am currently very busy developing a stable
and robust implementation for my multi-thread memory allocator algorithm.
You can get some more information on it by reading that particular thread.
Anyway, here is a link to where I am going to stick all of the example code:
(the allocators home page...)

Here is what I am tinkering around with now wrt per-thread stack memory
(simple example code...)

Can anybody notice any problems right off the bat? I am a hardcore C
programmer whose C++ skills can be improved upon for sure! IMHO, the task of
implementing my design in C++ will be well worth it in the long run... I
personally think this particular high-performance multi-threaded allocator
algorithm is going to benefit from C++, on the flip side, I also think it
will be a fairly valuable tool for many different types of C++ applications
that make use of any sort of concurrency.

Any thoughts?

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