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Close GATOR.

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Mar 16, 2005, 7:08:53 PM3/16/05
I am writing a program that will need to close a paticular running
application in order to work correctly. in this case, GATOR.exe. It
would also be helpful if there is a way to remove keys in the registry
for the point of the program is to delete Gator as it trys to
install itself.


Mar 16, 2005, 7:31:59 PM3/16/05
In article <>, says...
How about just not downloading crap or so called "helpful" applications
that host scumware like gator? Find a legitimate piece of software



Mar 17, 2005, 3:16:44 PM3/17/05
<> schreef in berichtnieuws
> ... the point of the program is to delete Gator as it
> trys to install itself.

... Which might than be the cause of other software (which installed Gator)
not working.

Better notify the user that your app refuses/cannot work as long as it's
(Gator) there, and leave the decision to the user ...

Rudy Wieser


Mar 21, 2005, 1:00:19 AM3/21/05
Why not install Spyware Blaster which I think will, when you "enable
all protection", prevent it from installing, or install Spybot Search &
Destroy which will remove it, or install Ad-Aware which will probably
uninstall it, too? They're all free for home use and probably not
expensive for corporate use.

If you do work for a company then if you can get the users to use your
software you should be able to get them to run a scan every so often
using the aforementioned tools. If the users are too daft, to stupid,
or too ill-behaved to do that then you have a problem.

So, if you're still gonna do it yourself, does Gator have a UI (a
window) with a constant title? If so, you could use an API call to
locate a window (FindWindow, check the API viewer or and check every few seconds for that window. Not a
perfect solution 'cause God only knows what that malware crap has done
to your system in that couple of seconds. Besides, that's gonna be a
system drain checking for that window, I bet.

If they don't have a UI, or if the title of the window changes from
time to time or instance to instance then you'll have to look for a
running process on the system and I don't know what API calls would be
involved in enumerating the currently running apps on a system, but if
it's NT, 2K, or XP you're gonna have to sweat permissions, I think,
before you can swat a running process, which means you'll either have
to have your users running under and admin account or you'll have to
try to run your app with a separate security account (rots o' ruck,

:-/ Dunno how much help any of that is, hope some is.


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