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Last rites declaration of Ioannes Paulus PP. II (Karol Wojtyla)

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Ioannes Paulus PP. II

Apr 4, 2005, 1:30:01 AM4/4/05
"The unforgiveable sins this earth must confront and overcome are
Nationalism, capitalism, and hoarding. The idea of every nation
should be forgot, price should be struck from the commons, and
princes should be seen for the devils they are. The sins include
our church, secret societies, and other religions which make of
the spirit of God a divide."

Last rites declaration of Ioannes Paulus PP. II (Karol Wojtyla)
2nd April 2005

The first would renounce their
passions and become gods; the others would renounce reason and become brute
beasts. (Des Barreaux.) But neither can do so, and reason still remains, to
condemn the vileness and injustice of the passions and to trouble the repose
of those who abandon themselves to them; and the passions keep always alive
in those who would renounce them.

414. Men are so necessarily mad that not to be mad would amount to another
form of madness.

415. The nature of man may be viewed in two ways: the one according to its
end, and then he is great and incomparable; the other according to the
multitude, just as we judge of the nature of the horse and the dog,
popularly, by seeing its fleetness, et animum arcendi; and then man is
abject and vile. These are the two ways which make us judge of him
differently and which occasion such disputes among philosophers. For one
denies the assumption of the other. One says, "He is not born for this end,
for all his actions are repugnant to it." The other says, "H

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