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Pocket PC Application development queries

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Apr 13, 2005, 7:37:11 PM4/13/05

I am a complete newbie in Pocket PC application development. Right now
I am figuring out the technologies required to do the following.

1. I am planning to develop a Pocket PC application in either
or embedded VB to collect information - mainly name, email address and
a scanned image of the driver's license. There will be 10,000 such

a)Which will be the better option - embedded VB or

b)If I decide to build the application in, do I have to buy
Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the .NET Compact Framework ? I read
somewhere to develop Pocket PC applications, Visual Studio 2003 is
required. Could some one guide me on the exact software required? It
will be very much appreciated..

2. I would like to store all the collected data on SQL Server CE on the
Pocket PC and transfer to SQL Server 2000 on a main server over a GPRS
connection from this vb application ie sync the sql ce
and sql server 2000 data. Is it possible to do that? Do I have to use
Winsock programming?

3. Will Sql server ce be able to handle 10,000 records of data? How
much memory will be required on Pocket PC to store this much amount
of data?

4. How can I scan a Photo ID(driver's license) from a Pocket PC in vb application?

5. To use a GPRS connection, do i need a GSM/GPRS modem on the main
Server(containing SQL Server 2000) onsite? I assume all the Pocket PC's
come with GPRS connection.. Are there any other additional hardware

I know these are a lot of questions..I will appreciate it very much if
some one could guide me in the appropriate direction..

Thanks in advance,

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