Gilad Bracha, "A Ray of Hope: Array Programming for the 21st Century"

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Curtis Jones

Jul 12, 2021, 6:02:23 PMJul 12
Some folks here may well be interested in Gilad Bracha's paper for SPLASH2020.

The abstract begins "The ideas of APL and its successors, the array programming languages, were two generations ahead of their time. "
Dr. Bracha is working on a new language, ShapeRank. Others in this group may understand ", a new statically typed, purely functional language for industrial use, that extends rank-polymorphism to streams."

(The talk cites work being done by Justin Slepak on strong types in a new language called Remora. )

Beau Webber

Jul 13, 2021, 5:28:13 PMJul 13
On Monday, 12 July 2021 at 23:02:23 UTC+1, wrote:
> Some folks here may well be interested in Gilad Bracha's paper for SPLASH2020.

It is always good when someone gives one names for something that one is already doing :
I refer to the two types of data streams that are discussed.
When one is gathering experimental data from different data sources, perhaps from different computers, there are at least two possible ways of combining them. A common way of joining them is used when one needs to relate each y value in a graph to is related x value - Dr. Bracha describes this as Synchronous Semantics. Nothing surprising there. But sometimes one just wants to wait for any data to come from say 2 sources, and after that use the latest value from both channels as pairs - say the voltage from one channel and the temperature from another. One may be updated more often than the other. Dr. Bracha describes this a Reactive Semantics. OK, my understanding of what I am doing in my programs is clarified, thank you.
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