ANN: Fuzzy sets for Ada v5.6

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Dmitry A. Kazakov

Apr 9, 2012, 4:41:52 AM4/9/12
The current version includes distributions of string edit, interval
arithmetic and simple components packages. It provides implementations of:

- Confidence factors with the operations not, and, or, xor, +, *;
- Classical fuzzy sets with the set-theoretic operations and the operations
of the possibility theory;
- Intuitionistic fuzzy sets with the operations on them;
- Fuzzy logic based on the intuitionistic fuzzy sets and the possibility
- Fuzzy numbers both integer and floating-point ones with conventional
arithmetical operations;
- Dimensioned fuzzy numbers;
- Fuzzy linguistic variables and sets of linguistic variables with
operations on them;
- Dimensioned fuzzy linguistic variables and sets;
- String-oriented I/O is supported;
- GUI interface based on GTK+ (The GIMP Toolkit) with fuzzy set editors,
truth values widgets and renderers, linguistic variables sets editors.

Changes to the version 5.5.

- Fedora and Debian packages are provided for both 32- and 64-bit
- Compiler bugs are worked around to make the library compilable using
available GNAT compilers.

Dmitry A. Kazakov
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