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Gautier write-only

Jul 8, 2009, 4:06:44 PM7/8/09

A new version of GWenerator is out! Latest changes:

0.975 (05-Jul-2009):
* new Initialize_controls option: initialize some controls with fake
contents, for test/debug; analogous to Ada's Normalize_Scalars pragma
* better support for: progress bars, tree views, list views, static
borders, some special window styles


With GWenerator you can design Graphical User Interfaces with existing
software like Visual Studio or the free ResEdit (
and program Windows applications in Ada using the GWindows
object-oriented library.

GWenerator produces Ada sources corresponding to dialogs and menus, as
background task. The command-line equivalent, rc2gw, does the same job
on request. On request, GWenerator produces a test application with
all dialogs.

Unlike some other GUI libraries, GWindows is Windows-only, but a built
application can hold in a single .exe (no need to provide any run-time
framework, toolkit, dll's and worry about version conflicts), which
make deployment very easy in a Windows-centric environment.

The archive contains numerous examples and stress-tests downloaded
from Internet.
But the better is to play around and send feedbacks or ask questions
the GNAVI mailing list...
Gautier's Ada programming --
NB: For a direct answer, e-mail address on the Web site!

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