ANN: Strings Edit v2.5

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Dmitry A. Kazakov

Jun 28, 2010, 2:56:25 PM6/28/10
The package Strings_Edit provides I/O facilities. The following I/O items
are supported by the package:

- Generic axis scales support;
- Integer numbers (generic, package Integer_Edit);
- Integer sub- and superscript numbers;
- Floating-point numbers (generic, package Float_Edit);
- Roman numbers (the type Roman);
- Strings;
- Ada-style quoted strings;
- UTF-8 encoded strings;
- Unicode maps and sets;
- Wildcard pattern matching.

The major differences to the standard Image/Value attributes and Text_IO
procedures are:

- For numeric types, the base is neither written nor read. For instance,
output of 23 as hexadecimal gives 17, not 16#17#.
- Get procedures do not skip blank characters around input tokens, except
the cases when the blank characters are required by the syntax.
- Get procedures use the current string position pointer, so that they can
be consequently called advancing the pointer as the tokes are recognized.
- Numeric get procedures allow to specify the expected value range. When
the actual value is out of the range then depending on procedure
parameters, either Constraint_Error is propagated or the value is forced to
the nearest range boundary.
- Put procedures also use the current string position pointer, which allows
to call them consequently.
- The format used for floating-number output is based on the number
precision, instead of rather typographic approach of Text_IO. The precision
can be specified either as the number of valid digits of the current base
(i.e. relative) or as the position of the last valid digit (i.e. absolute).
For instance, 12.345678 with relative precision 3 gives 12.3. With absolute
precision -3, it gives 12.346.

The version 2.5 provides experimental Debian and Fedora packages.

Dmitry A. Kazakov

Ludovic Brenta

Jul 1, 2010, 6:34:57 AM7/1/10
Dmitry A. Kazakov wrote on comp.lang.ada:

> The version 2.5 provides experimental Debian and Fedora packages.

Nice. I'll try to find the time to review the Debian packaging and
provide feedback. Would you be willing to maintain the package in
Debian in the future, i.e. deal with bug reports, reply to enquiries
from users, etc.?

Ludovic Brenta.

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