ANN: GtkAda Contributions v2.6

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Dmitry A. Kazakov

Apr 10, 2010, 10:54:47 AM4/10/10
The software is a contribution to GtkAda, an Ada bindings to GTK+. It deals
with the following issues:

1. Tasking support;
2. Custom models for tree view widget;
3. Custom cell renderers for tree view widget;
4. Multi-columned derived model;
5. Extension derived model (to add columns to an existing model);
6. Abstract caching model for directory-like data;
7. Tree view and list view widgets for navigational browsing of abstract
caching models;
8. File system navigation widgets with wildcard filtering;
9. Resource styles;
10. Capturing resources of a widget;
11. Embeddable images;
12. Some missing subprograms and bug fixes;
13. Measurement unit selection widget and dialogs;
14. Improved hue-luminance-saturation color model;
15. Simplified image buttons and buttons customizable by style properties;
16. Controlled Ada types for GTK+ strong and weak references;
17. Simplified means to create lists of strings;
18. Spawning processes synchronously and asynchronously with pipes;
19. Capturing asynchronous process standard I/O by Ada tasks and by text
20. Source view widget support.

The present version provides minor bug fixes and some extensions to
debugging support (GNAT based).

Dmitry A. Kazakov

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