Announce : Release of gnatgpr 0.32, access to GPR project information.

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David Sauvage

Jun 30, 2010, 5:33:43 PM6/30/10
GNATGPR is an Ada 2005 GPL software, it allows the user to do simple
information request on GNAT GPR project files, like for example :

* Give all included projects.
* Give all included sources (transitive or not).
* Give all included source directories (transitive or not).
* Give all main files.
* Give all main directories.
* Give all included object paths.
* Give project zombies (duplicated .o or .ali when a source file
are moved from one project to another).

There are 2 ways of accessing those services :

* In a shell using the gnatgpr binary.
* In Ada using the GNAT_GPR package specification interface.

GNATGPR is based on :

* A modified version of the GNAT GPL 2008 (GPL) compiler front-
o It gets his own Namet and so on.
o It can extracts some especially craft comments in the gpr
project file.
* AdaControl (GMGPL), for option analyzis.
o Only the Options_Analyzer package have been re-used
(without any change).
* AUnit 2.03 (GPL), for unit testing.

Thanks to all the people behind those projects.

GNATGPR roadmap :

* Selection of the next gnatgpr engine (GCC FSF 4.4/GPRBuild/GNAT
GPL 2010/GNATColl).
* Shift to GPL v3.
* Documentation.
* GNATGPR production for non-GNAT Ada compilers.
* GNAT_GPR package interface clean-up.
* Use of Debian AUnit version.
* Non transitive analysis for main files, binary directories and
object paths.
* Multi languages processing.
* Multi root-projects processing.
* Comply to Debian packaging guidelines (removal of debian
directory at upstream level, ...).

Debian & derived distributions repository (for package libgnatgpr0
libgnatgpr0-bin libgnatgpr0-dev) :
deb lucid main
deb-src lucid main

See the project home page [1] to add the PPA repository key.


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