ASISEyes : show you the ASIS interpretation of an Ada source

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Hibou57 (Yannick Duchêne)

Jan 12, 2010, 11:33:49 PM1/12/10
Hi all of you,

Here is ASISEyes, which as its name suggest, is a little application
which integrates well in GPS (possibly others IDE also) and whose
purpose is to make you see, side by side, the ASIS view
(interpretation) of an Ada source, beside the Ada source.

This is an aid in two main areas :

1) Learning and understanding ASIS (how does ASIS view this and
that ?)
2) Debugging aid when an ASIS application seems to fail (what was the
semantic context returned by ASIS when this great ASIS application
break at that point of that source) ?

The distribution comes in two archives : one ZIP for Windows users and
one TAR.GZ for UNIX-like users

As it is an ASIS application, it must be built for your environment,
compiler and ASIS implementation.

There are some limitations and usages notes which are documented in
the README.txt file and the other README-gps.txt file. The "gps"
directory contains files required for the integration into GPS.
Please, read the notes which comes with this directory.

The application is distributed under the terms of a new license which
is still at the state of a first draft, and which I guess someone may
believe its joke ( :P )

Some others applications, some based on ASIS and some others not, will
comes in the future, if every things goes fine enough. I would like to
give life to some ideas.

I will be back later for more comments, if it appears I forget to tell
about some.

I hope I did not left any important flaws after the little review I've
made before releasing it.

Note : this is a little and simple application, its useful, but do not
expect it to impress you. By the way, if it was not simple, it could
not safely be used for the presented purposes.

Have a nice day

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