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Compiling Python code from GPRBuild (Calling from GNAT Studio)

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Rego, P.

Nov 10, 2022, 2:38:36 PM11/10/22
Hello everyone, long time no see some of you, I hope everyone is fine.

I'm trying to compile some Python files from an Ada project (in an integration which will consist of Ada, Python and Rust). But let's simplify the things, so I created a Python-only project using this :

-- testpy.gpr
project Testpy is
for Source_Dirs use ("src");
for Object_Dir use "obj";
for Main use ("");
for Languages use ("Python");
for Source_Files use ("");
end Testpy;

and as I tried to compile `` I got the messages
> gprbuild -ws -c -f -u -PP:\Gnat\testpy.gpr
> testpy.gpr:7:26: language unknown for ""
> gprbuild: "P:\Gnat\testpy.gpr" processing failed
> [2022-11-10 16:23:10] process exited with status 4, elapsed time: 03.78s

So, obviously I am missing something (and yeah, I took the last 2h searching the docs...), so, please, how would I fix that?


ps.: had posted "running" instead of "compiling" at the title in previous post, sorry that.
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