Announce: Matreshka 0.0.4

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Vadim Godunko

Jul 1, 2010, 2:30:05 PM7/1/10

I am pleased to announce new version of Matreshka. The goal of this
project is to provide set of simple to use but powerful Ada libraries
to construct information systems. Most important addition in the new
version is non-validating XML processor with SAX2 interface. This
version is compatible with both GNAT GPL 2009 and GNAT GPL 2010. Users
of GNAT GPL 2010 can use all power of x86_64 processors, SSE2
instructions set is used to speedup several operations on strings.

Others important features are: support for unbounded form of strings
of Unicode characters, including most useful operations (case
conversion, folding, collation, normalization and iteration)
implemented as specified by Unicode standard and non-backtracking
Unicode compatible regular expressions engine. Someone can found
interesting modified version of aflex (lexical scanner generator)
which is extended to support full Unicode character set and by ability
to specify set of characters by value of character's boolean

Cross platform source code package can be downloaded from project's

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