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Jun 1, 2009, 1:49:29 PM6/1/09

A new version of GWenerator is out! Latest changes:

0.97 (01-Jun-2009):
* a test application with all of a resource's dialogs is now generated,
too, on request
* width/height settings in dialogs now refer to client area (bug fix)
* CONTROLs of "Button" and "Edit" classes... understood as alternative
to 'typed' button/editbox controls
* many more resources files from MS Visual Studio, Borland Resource
Workshop, ResEdit and others are now translated


With GWenerator you can design Graphical User Interfaces with existing
software like Visual Studio or the free ResEdit ( ),
and program Windows applications in Ada using the GWindows
object-oriented library.
GWenerator produces Ada sources corresponding to dialogs and menus, as a
background task. The command-line equivalent, rc2gw, does the same job
on request.
Of course, GWenerator's own GUI is itself produced this way - kind of a
The archive contains some other examples and numerous stress-tests
downloaded from Internet.
But the better is to play around and send feedbacks or ask questions on
the GNAVI mailing list...
Gautier's Ada programming --
NB: For a direct answer, e-mail address on the Web site!

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