ANN: Simple components for Ada v3.6

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Dmitry A. Kazakov

Aug 7, 2009, 10:33:38 AM8/7/09
The current version provides implementations of smart pointers, sets, maps,
stacks, tables, string editing, unbounded arrays, expression analyzers,
lock-free data structures, synchronization primitives (events, race
condition free pulse events, arrays of events, reentrant mutexes,
deadlock-free arrays of mutexes), pseudo-random non-repeating numbers,
symmetric encoding and decoding, IEEE 754 representations support; strings
editing and tables management.

Changes to the previous version:

1. Packages for text output of the persistent storage index were added;
2. Is_Directory was added to Persistent.Directory;
3. Handles and sets of backward links added.

Dmitry A. Kazakov

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