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Subject: ResourceShelf Reminder -- Week 164
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E-Mail Reminder
Week 164
May 13, 2004

Greetings from DC!

ResourceShelf is compiled by Gary D. Price, MLIS
Gary Price Library Research and Internet Consulting

Contributing Editors
+ Shirl Kennedy, MLIS
+ Dan Giancaterino, MLIS

The ResourceShelf REMINDER (this e-mail) contains a PORTION of the
from the ResourceShelf web site.

Please visit the web site to review ALL OF THE CONTENT.

Thursday, May 13, 2004
Resources of the Week
2 articles and a database this week.
Competitive Intelligence
Information Retrieval
Two Full Text Articles
This is the second post on ResourceShelf that features useful and interesting
writing by members of The Association of Independent Information Professionals.

The first post in the series is here. It also contains a brief overview about
the organization.
1) Using FOIA for Competitive Advantage
Source: Comeptia Magazine
An article by Bill Crowley of Competitive Analysis Technologies. A special
you to Ian Smith at Competia for creating a non-subscriber link to this
2) Is Boolean Dead?
Source: E-Content
This article was written by Mary Ellen Bates of Bates Information Service.
Stock Video
News Resources--Video
"Since 1994, FOOTAGE.net has been the premiere stock footage resource to reach
the trade's best stock footage sources - news, creative, archival, and RF. Now
find better content faster than ever before." Find better content faster than
ever before? OK, we're listening. This site offers a powerful search engine
probes the databases of two dozen diverse stock footage archives -- from the
familiar (CNN, National Geographic, network TV news outlets) to the esoteric
(StormStock, "the world's premier storm footage library featuring tornadoes,
lightning, hurricanes, storm clouds, flash floods, giant hail, microbursts and
other spectacular storm imagery."

Professional Reading Shelf (2 Items Listed on the Web Site)
Online Information--Australia
Source: National Library of Australia
Full Text Paper, Keeping Online Information Accessible for E-governance and

Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full-Text Documents
Student Learning
Source: C&RL News
New, Webliography: Assessing student learning
A compilation of resources by Amy E. Mark.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Professional Listening Shelf
Libraries and Librarians
Librarians on the Radio
1) RealAudio: The Diane Rehm Show
An hour conversation with:
+ Toni Garvey, director, Phoenix Public Library and past president of the
Library Association
+ Carla Hayden, executive director, Enoch Pratt Free Library and president of
the American Library Association
+ Winston Tabb, dean of university libraries and director of the Sheridan
Libraries at Johns Hopkins University. This program aired on 5/6/04.
Non-Commercial Web Directories
The Librarians' Index to the Internet Featured on Voice of America Program

Question Answering Services
Source: Reuters
UK: Cell phone search takes on Net engines

Professional Reading Shelf (2 Items Listed on the Web Site)
International Federation of Library Associations
IFLA Announces Theme of 2004 Conference
Libraries: Dynamic Engines for the Knowledge and Information Society

Industry News--Alexander Street Press
New Fee-Based Database: Global Views and Voices
>From the announcement, "Global Views and Voices Global Views and Voices
delivers contemporary perspectives on current events, globalization, the media,

development, culture, and the arts from writers around the world. The database
is produced through the collaboration of openDemocracy, Ltd., for editorial
selection, and Alexander Street Press, for structure and expert indexing. The
result is a truly innovative resource for studies in international affairs,
foreign policy, political science, the media, diversity, anthropology, history,

journalism, the environment, sociology, comparative cultures, religion,
defense/war/peace issues, globalization, and social policy..." Free access to
the database is available through 6/4/04.

Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full-Text Documents (5 Items Listed on
Web Site)
Source: WHO
New, Full Text Report, The world health report 2004 - changing history
Wireless Access--United States--Statistics
Source: Pew Internet Project
New Data Memo, 28% of American adults are wireless ready
Campaign Finance--United States--Statistics
Source: FEC
Just Released, Congressional Fundraising Continues To Grow


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Science--Specialized Search Tools
Source: FirstGov
FirstGov Unveils Science.gov 2.0

Web Search
Source: ACM Queue
Why Writing Your Own Search Engine is Hard

Professional Reading Shelf (3 Items Listed on the Web Site)
The pattern is new in every moment: observations on issues affecting libraries
and archives within the framework of the 2003 OCLC environmental scan
The slides from a recent presentation by OCLC's VP of Research, Lorcan Dempsey,

at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa.

Industry Briefs
xrefer Introduces Library Advisory Board
EBSCO Introduces New Hospitality and Tourism Database

Education--United States--Lists & Rankings (5 Items Listed on the Web Site)
Source: U.S. Census
College Education Rankings
"With nearly half its population 25 years and older having at least a
degree, Seattle has one of the highest rates of college education among large
U.S. cities, according to a ranking of American Community Survey (ACS) data
released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. The new Census Bureau analysis of
ACS data shows that 48.8 percent of Seattle's 25-and-over population has earned

at least a bachelor's degree. Other large cities (250,000 population or more)
with high college-education rates were: Raleigh, N.C. (48.0 percent); San
Francisco (47.8 percent); and Atlanta (41.2 percent). The national college
graduation rate was 25.9 percent.
See Also: Percent of People With a Bachelor's Degree or More (By State)
See Also: Percent of People With a Bachelor's Degree or More (By City)
See Also: Percent of People With a Bachelor's Degree or More (By County)
Home Improvement
Source: PR Newswire
The Home Depot and 'This Old House' Expand Partnership to Television,
and Internet
"The Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement retailer, today announced

the launch of the 'This Old House' Video Library, a new online channel...that
features instructional advice on home-related projects delivered via streaming
See: This Old House Video Library


Monday, May 10, 2004

Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full-Text Documents
Information Retrieval Research
Knowledge Extraction
Answer Engines
Source: New Scientist
Learn About: KnowItAll
>From the article, "KnowItAll, a search engine under development at the
University of Washington, Seattle, trawls the web for data and then collates it

in the form of a list. The approach is unique, says its developer, Oren
because it generates information that probably does not exist on any single web


Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full-Text Documents (3 Items Listed on
Web Site)
Digitized Images
The Library of Congress
Source: The Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC)
Two New Collections added to LC's Prints and Photographs Online Catalog
1) The Matson Negatives
"Negatives made by the American Colony Photo Department and its successor, the
Matson Photo Service, illustrating Middle East culture, history, and political
events including people and locations in Israel, the West Bank, Jordan,
Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey." About 7500 images are available. The entire
collection has been digitized and is available outside of the Library of
Congress. Sample images.
2) Performing Arts Poster Collection
Cool!!! About 2100 posters, most digitized and available outside of LC.
"1840-1936 (bulk 1879-1910). Posters from three collections: Theatrical Poster
Collection (ca. 1,775 posters); Minstrel Poster Collection (ca. 175 posters);
and Magic Poster Collection (ca. 150 posters)." Sample images.
Older Americans--Legal Resources
American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging
"The mission of the ABA Commission on Law and Aging is to strengthen and secure

the legal rights, dignity, autonomy, quality of life, and quality of care of
elders. It carries out this mission through research, policy development,
technical assistance, advocacy, education, and training."

Source: Newsweek
Kicking Up Dust
A Q&A with Russ Kick, writer/editor and frequent FOIA filer. Thanks to Dana G.
for the news tip.

Professional Reading Shelf (2 Items Listed on the Web Site)
The May 2004 Issue of The Internet Resources Newsletter is Available.
More interesting and useful material from Roddy M., Catherine U., and Catherine

F. in this, "free, monthly newsletter for academics, students, engineers,
scientists and social scientists."


Sunday, May 9, 2004

Web Search--Google
News.Com's Executive Editor Blasts Google

Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full-Text Documents (2 Items Listed on
Web Site)
The following two items were culled from the Infomine What's New Newsletter
Source: Rochester Institute of Technology
Cary Collection
"The Cary Collection is one of the country's premier libraries on the history
and practice of printing. The original collection of 2,300 volumes was
by the New York City businessman Melbert B. Cary, Jr. during the 1920s and
1930s. ... Today the library houses some 20,000 volumes and a growing number of

manuscripts and correspondence collections. Also included are impressive
holdings on bookbinding, papermaking, type design, calligraphy and book
illustration. The goal of developing the digital image database is to enable
users all over the world to sample the wealth of rich materials housed in the
collection. There are currently close to 80 very high quality images."
U.S. Military
Source: DOD
Military Casualty Information
"The Department of Defense site lists United States war casualties from the
Revolutionary War up through the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. It
also lists all active military deaths from 1980 through 2002. The data for
Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom includes the names of
those killed as well as other personal information."

Professional Reading Shelf (2 Items Listed on the Web Site)
Scholarly Publishing
Just Published, Full Text, Electronic Scientific, Technical, and Medical
Publishing and Its Implications: Proceedings of a Symposium


Saturday, May 8, 2004

Professional Reading Shelf
Academic Libraries
Source: ARL
Learning to Work Together--The Libraries and the University Press at Penn State

Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full-Text Documents (2 Items Listed on
Web Site)
Information Security
Source: UK Department of Trade and Industry/PWC
Good practice in information security - Factsheets
"...a series of seven themed factsheets about various aspects of the results
good practice in information security."
+ Backups & Recovery Factsheet
+ Viruses & Malicious Code Factsheet
+ Identity Management Factsheet
+ Intrusion Prevention Factsheet
+ Spam Factsheet
+ Remote Access Factsheet
+ Internet Misuse Factsheet
Government Benefits--United States
Source: DOL
GovBenefits.gov Expands, Spanish Language Version Now Available


Friday, May 7, 2004

Web Search--Ask Jeeves
Web Search--Teoma
Jeeves/Teoma Database Now Includes PDF Content

Web Search--Gigablast
Gigablast Database Passes Milestone

Online Research
Academic Libraries
Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Students check out the Web instead of library
No need to comment on this one. We've heard it before.

Professional Reading Shelf (4 Items Listed on the Web Site)
Source: News.com
Using high-energy physics to preserve old records
>From the article, "Carl Haber and Berkeley Labs colleague Vitaliy Fadeyev

working on a breakthrough way of digitizing and archiving old recordings, such
as wax cylinders and traditional flat records, that are too far gone for a
standard stylus. If successful, the pair may be able to help archivists at The
Library of Congress and elsewhere rescue swaths of recorded musical and audio
history that are today in danger of being lost.
Scholarly Publishing
Source: OCLC
Audio and Slides Now Available: Scholars and Scripts, Eyeballs and Epistemes:
What it Means to Publish
The lecture was given by Professor Blaise Cronin on April 29th as part of the
OCLC Distinguished Lecture Series.

Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full-Text Documents
Elections--United Kingdom
Source: House of Commons Library
New Research Report, Election Timetables

Web Search
How Search Engines Teach Users To Search
Thanks to Garrett French for mentioning ResourceShelf in this article.

Looking for more research news and resources?
Visit The Virtual Chase

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Resources, Reports, Tools, Lists, and Full-Text Documents (5 Items Listed on
Web Site)
Educational Resources
Source: Library and Archives Canada
Released at the Beginning of April, Canada's Learning Centre
>From the site, "Library and Archives Canada's Learning Centre brings
wealth of educational resources for students and teachers, including
comprehensive teaching units and strategies, lesson plans, quizzes and games.
Primary-source items such as diary entries, letters, maps and photos have been
specially selected from Library and Archives Canada's collection…"

Source: Nobel e-Museum
Conflict Map
"In the course of the 20th century, mankind experienced some of the most
devastating wars of all times. Where did these wars take place? Have some
regions experienced more wars than others? Who were the main protagonists in
these conflicts? This map gives you the opportunity to answer these questions.
It displays wars with at least 1,000 military battle deaths." (Shockwave)

Professional Reading Shelf
Nicholson Baker's Newspaper Collection Donated to Duke University
Oops, we missed story one last month. From the announcement, "A 5,000-volume
collection containing many rare and historically important 19th and 20th
American newspapers has been donated to Duke University Libraries.

Business Information
Major Player in Mutual Fund Info, Morningstar, Files for IPO


E-Mail Reminder
Week 164
May 13, 2004

One More Time
The ResourceShelf REMINDER contains a PORTION of the content/links from the
ResourceShelf web site. Please visit the site to review ALL OF THE CONTENT.

Don't forget that ResourceShelf is updated throughout the week. Please stop by
whenever you have a free moment or two.


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