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Subject: K12> [WWWEDU] Best Elementary Education Instructional Solution SIIA Finalists

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Subject: [WWWEDU] Best Elementary Education Instructional
Solution SIIA Finalists

Best Elementary Education Instructional Solution
Awards the best school-based education technology solution for curriculum and
content that is specifically targeted toward students in grades K-6.

Kinetic City: Mission to Vearth
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Kinetic City is a fun, Web-based after-school science club for kids ages 8
through 11. It combines exciting online animations and activities at
www.kineticcity.com with boxes of hands-on science experiments. Children earn
Kinetic City Power Points and collect stickers as they complete missions and
standards-based science content. Here's how it works: The Kinetic City Super
Crew (Keisha, Curtis, Megan and Max) needs the help of Earth kids to save their

planet, Vearth, from the science-distorting computer virus, Deep Delete. Each

Deep Delete’s 60 hideous strains attacks a different area of science, with
disastrous consequences. After each attack, teams of Earth kids fight back by
viewing a short online animation describing the situation on Vearth, performing

a series of activities to re-learn the lost science and then going on a mission

to Vearth, in which they answer science questions and gobble up Deep Delete
viruses. Their scores appear on their own Kinetic City Club Web page. Kinetic
City is produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
(AAAS), with a grant from the National Science Foundation. AAAS writes the
Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy, which forms the basis of most
science standards.

Learning.com presents EasyTech®, an award-winning online instructional system
that enables K-8 educators to successfully integrate technology with core
curriculum to enhance student achievement. EasyTech includes interactive online

content that teaches technology skills in the context of core curriculum, a
management system to facilitate assessment and reporting, and staff development

and support to help teachers effectively incorporate technology into their
daily teaching practices. More than 2,000 K-8 schools and districts in 39
and 15 countries use EasyTech to achieve technology integration. EasyTech
curriculum meets the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), the

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards and the National
Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards. Additionally, EasyTech is
correlated with core curriculum standards in many states and supports core
learning objectives in all states. Start your 30-day free trial today at
www.learning.com or contact us at in...@learning.com for more information.

You Are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving
Plimoth Plantation
You Are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving uses multimedia
in an interactive environment to teach about the lives of the Wampanoag people
and the early Colonists who settled in the United States. The site, which
focuses on the harvest celebration of 1621, challenges children to become
historians and investigate what really happened at the first Thanksgiving

Starry Night EDU
Space Holdings Corp.
Dynamically navigates your classroom through the universe. Includes: CD-ROM
for Windows and Mac featuring Starry Night EDU 1.0 PLUS for K-8; QuickTime
movie software; Internet links to LiveSky.com, SPACE.com and Starrynight.com
astronomy resources; printed teacher manual and embedded user manual;
reproducible fun space facts student worksheets and tests organized by grade
range to
supplement your lesson plan.

Time For Kids / Time For Kids New Media
Informs, engages and inspires kids without talking down to them. Motivated by
the desire to empower its audience and encourage critical thinking,
TimeforKids.com provides daily news coverage, poll questions, maps, roll-over
definitions, contextual timelines and “e-mail us” opportunities. The site
also the home to the premier kid reporting program in the country and a
classroom resource. www.TFKClassroom.com

The Graph Club 2.0
Tom Snyder Productions
The Graph Club 2.0 is an innovative, easy-to-use tool for creating,
exploring, interpreting and printing graphs. The program’s hands-on
environment helps students in grades K­4 make the transition from graphing with

graphing in the abstract. Students create and compare up to five different
representations of the same data (picture, bar, circle, line, table). They
describe and interpret graphs in the on-screen notebook, and print graphs in a
variety of sizes, from standard to poster size. New features in version 2.0
include: over 30 standards-aligned activities in math, science, social studies
and language arts. (a matrix in the Teacher’s Guide identifies the difficulty

level, learning objectives and materials for each activity); reproducible
tools, including rubrics, checklists and sample graphs; online correlations
reports for each activity, individually correlated by experienced educators.

Bonnie Bracey


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