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SSLEngine on turns other things off?! SuSE 10

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Dec 25, 2005, 6:39:33 AM12/25/05

I'm trying to get Squirrelmail (PHP) running securely in Apache.
However, while it works fine in the normal / default server, the same
link gives me login.php as a download over https.

I've reduced this to the point where I have a configuration that works
fine with HTTP (no S) on port 443, but if I include "SSLEngine on" PHP
is, apparently, disabled.

Just to emphasise that - I've reduced the uncertainty in the config
until the *only* thing I change is the state of "SSLEngine"; there are
no virtual hosts (I don't want HTTP, just HTTPS), SSL itself works
correctly (when on). The same modules are defined, the same -D flags
defined. Only SSLEngine changes from off to on.

According to SuSE, this is 2.0.54-10 (with "prefork), along with
mod_php5 5.0.4-9.

Any help appreciated....


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