ANNOUNCE: The Boa webserver, v0.90

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Paul Phillips

Sep 20, 1995, 3:00:00 AM9/20/95
(Followups to comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix, please)

I'm releasing Boa a little bit eariler than I'd like, but if I don't
do it now it may be a while. <URL:>
Here's an excerpt from the README:

This is the Boa webserver, version 0.90beta. Boa is a singletasking
http server. That means that unlike traditional webservers, it does
not fork for each incoming connection, nor does it fork many copies of
itself to handle multiple connections. It internally multiplexes all
of the ongoing http connections, and forks only for CGI programs
(which must be separate processes.)

The primary design goals of Boa are speed and security, though it may not
achieve reasonable speed; we'll see. [...]

Boa is written in C and currently only runs properly on Linux. It is
distributed under the GNU general public license. I hope some of you find
it interesting and/or useful.


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