Re: [Link Posting] Major Browsers to Prevent Disabling of Click Tracking Privacy Risk

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Ivan Shmakov

Apr 7, 2019, 1:25:47 PM4/7/19
>>>>> Rich <ri...@example.invalid> writes:
>>>>> "BC" == writes:

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> -prevent-disabling-of-click-tracking-privacy-risk/>

BC> A HTML standard called hyperlink auditing that allows sites to track
BC> link clicks is enabled by default on Safari, Chrome, Opera, and
BC> Microsoft Edge, but will soon have no way to disable it. As it is
BC> considered a privacy risk, browsers previously allowed you to
BC> disable this feature. Now they are going in the opposite direction.

BC> Hyperlink auditing is a HTML standard

Wait a minute; like, a W3C standard? You know, the body that
represents the interests of all the WWW users -- such as Google,
Netflix, and the rest of the gang?

Yeah, I'm surprised beyond belief that they have such a privacy
threat standardized, and that that same Google is going out of
their way to disallow opting-out. After all, their users' best
interests are at the stake. Financial ones, too.


PS. Can we have a community hypertext markup standard already? Please?

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