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Opera's built in ad-blocking

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Jamie Kahn Genet

Jun 1, 2016, 7:33:16 AM6/1/16
After using desktop Opera's built in ad-blocking a while, I have to say
it is very good for a basic included feature.

While not quite as comprehensive as UBlock Origin, it is adequate and
worth the speed savings on slower machines and congested public WiFi and
the like.

One thing I do not fully understand is how Opera's new 'Opera VPN'
service (basically SurfEasy lite - fewer features, options, and server
choices than SurfEasy) can have worse built in ad-blocking than Opera's
own built in ad-blocking. Yet it does. Are they not using the same block
list? Or is it harder to seamlessly remove some content via the network?
I expect it's the later, but it is disappointing.

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