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Re: Conversion to HTML

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Robert Prins

May 16, 2022, 5:02:46 PM5/16/22
On 2022-04-02 18:29, Robert Prins wrote:
> I'm about to start the conversion of a 1980'ies book from book to html. One
> of the quirky things was its lay-out, 635 pages of text, 40 characters wide
> pages, fixed pitch font (Courier?) and justified,

OK, I've finished the initial conversion!

The result, minus the covers (front/back) can be found @
<!.html>, and it's exactly
the same as the old book, except for the removal of a few typos (and yes, I'm
sure I've introduced additional typos, need to proofread again, and again, and
again...) and swapping some pages that were swapped in the original paper
version, or at least the scan I have, grandson will only come back from the US
with the real paper copy in two or so weeks.

And yes, it's ugly as, well you know, fluck...

However, during the conversion I've already added some CSS to make things more
bearable. Obviously I will have to do a lot more, but I would like to allow the
user to optionally select the original format, or maybe optionally change the
original format into something more AD 2022-ish, and there seems to be plenty of
JavaScript available to do so, now using something very simple from

Right now I have some questions, but I guess more will follow:

1) How do I keep, at least for now, the "Switch" button visible?
2) How do I hide the page-numbers, and with them the space around them when in
"Modern" mode? CSS? Or do I need JS? Examples would be useful...
3) What would be a good (web) font to replace the "Courier New"/monospace?

Obviously any other hints would also be appreciated.

I've only started on the actual "modernisation", so please bear with me!


Robert AH Prins
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