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Bruce Lewis

Jul 28, 2006, 11:42:17 PM7/28/06
Michael Erb <nos...@mail.invalid> writes:

> But using cgiemail, I cannot figure out how to make this work so that
> the return-path shows the correct email address rather than the
> address.
> What's happening as a result of this is that many mail servers are
> treating these legitimate emails as spam and putting them in junk or
> spam folders where the recipient never sees it at all.

There's no cgiemail feature to set the envelope sender, which I assume
is what the MTA is creating Return-Path from. Setting the envelope
sender would likely not stop the spam filter, and in some cases
(e.g. when SPF is used) would prevent the message from going through at
all. These days, any time you send mail from a web form, the success
page should advise the user to check his/her spam trap if the message
isn't received soon.

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