Coding for Downloading a file from other internal site from my website.

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May 20, 2006, 3:08:58 PM5/20/06
hi All,

I am creating a website using perl n cgi. I m stucked in a place where
i have combobox which list the document names and the value it contains
is the unique number. parallel to it i have created a button GETIT, if
the user clicks on it ... then it should refer to other internal site
where these documents are stored, the moment it refer to the other
website it asks for network login and password and then if its provided
correctly it ask for open, save n cancel for that document to get

I m trying to write a code where if users clicks on GETIT button .. he
should not be asked with the login n password ( that should be provided
inthe script itself common login n password) and should not be prompted
as save,open n cancel, the file should be saved in his local system and
prompts the path to the user where it saved.

It will be great help if anyone can help me out in this

Many Thanks,

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May 24, 2006, 8:28:44 AM5/24/06
I am not sure of exactly what you are trying to do, but perhaps the
"GETIT" button when decoded could activate a redirect.

my $getit = $query->param("getit") || '0' ;
if ($getit){redirect to}


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