apache2Triad prob with setting up for CGI

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Jun 1, 2006, 6:57:19 PM6/1/06

I have just had the bloke who made my computer install Apache2Triad on
it. I want to use it so I can learn CGI and Perl for making websites.
The directory structure starts as: "C:\apache2triad", but I can't find
any "cgi-bin" directory. I believe it should be in
"C:\apache2triad\htdocs" by default but it is not there and when I run
a search on my system for "cgi-bin" it turns up no result.

Am I right in thinking this is not as it should be and could the bloke
who installed it for me maybe have deleted the "cgi-bin" folder from

Also does apache2triad have its own Perl program/interpreter/whatever
the correct term is? I have installed a Perl (ActivePerl - don't know
what the active perl is about!) and am wondering if I can remove this
program if apache2triad has its own.

My computer is a PC and the OS is WindowsXP Professional.

Any help very gratefully recieved


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