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Usenet Abuse: Someone at IP address is impersonating me and posting nonsense

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Sep 5, 2007, 6:42:46 PM9/5/07
On 5 Sep 2007 22:42:46 GMT, "Dr Ivan D. Reid" <> wrote:

> On Tue, 04 Sep 2007 18:02:26 -0700, Radium <>

> > When will those posts go away?

> When society goes back to madhouses rater than "care in the community".

I am asking a serious question. When will those posts go

It's annoying me as they are hindering my ability to see my REAL

I feel like infecting hip-crime with trojan horse that will steal all
their info -- including credit card numbers -- and give it to the rest
of the world. I want to burn hip-crime with oxyacetylene flames and
cause them grave-suffering. I want to burn the skins of whoever runs
hipcrime. I want to turn their skins into white foam by thermally-
denaturing their skins with oxyacetylene flames. I hope someone --
with less control over their anger than me -- sets hipcrime's
personnel on fire and gives them a slow, painful, yet sure way out of

Please tell me WhenTF these posts will disappear before I go insane
and do something that both I and everyone else will


Hipcrime tortures good-hearted Usenet posters for the fun of it.

Hipcrime does this for pleasure. They gain cold-hearted pleasure,
perverse sexual-excitement, sick humor, and sadistic happiness from
impersonating Usenet posters and posting nonsense via the

I want Hipcrime to be burnt alive. Death to Hipcrime. They defame
netizens for sport.

Hipcrime are sick scum. Any hipcrimer deserves to be punished. He/she
should be put through the following scenario on a hot and dry day --
in which the sky has few high white clouds [no grey or low clouds]
scattered around -- at about 11:00 AM of that day:

1. All his/her voluntary muscles [and their fibers] -- excluding
breathing muscles but including speech muscles -- should be relaxed to
a state of total paralysis [no amount of stimulation (whether neural
or direct electric stimulation of the muscle fibers) should be able to
cause these muscles to contract or "un-relax"]. This will make him/her
unable to move or vocalize.

2. While his/her breathing muscles should not be paralyzed, his/her
voluntary control of them should be totally lost [this means that his/
her autonomic nervous system will have complete control over his/her

3. The motor nerves supplying his/her voluntary muscles - including
speech muscles but excluding breathing muscles -- should also be
relaxed into total paralysis [these motor nerves should be hyper-
polarized] and unable to "un-relax".

4. His/her entire autonomic nervous system [and their effectors], his/
her heart's natural pacemaker, his/her tear-production, his/her
natural pain-relieving -- and stress-relieving -- mechanisms, smooth
muscles [including those in the respiratory system], endocrine,
hormonal, inflammatory, lysosomal, and immune systems should remain
totally unresponsive to the infliction of even the most excruciating
pain, totally unresponsive to any type of injury [regardless of
severity], and totally unresponsive to any emotion or psychological
state [regardless of intensity].

5. The parts of his/her brain that deal exclusively with movement,
contraction/relaxation of all voluntary muscles [including speech
muscles but excluding breathing] muscles should also be relaxed into a
state of hyperpolarization.

6. The parts of his/her brain that deal solely with voluntary - but
not involuntary -- control of breathing should also be relaxed into

7. All pain reflexes -- somatic and visceral - should be totally

8. All psychological protective mechanisms should be completely
disabled.* [See notes on psychological protective mechanisms]

9. All mechanisms that decrease consciousness as a result of pain
should be disabled. Here is an example of that mechanism:

Quote from :

"It is speculated that various organs of the body can send pain
impulses to the brain stem indicating a severe or overwhelming bodily
injury. The reticular activating system responds by producing a
functional "shut down", which results in loss of consciousness within
a second or two."

Once again this mechanism should be completely disabled.

10. Any mechanisms that specifically allow emotions, will, or
psychological states to alter any perceptions -- including pain
perception -- should be completely disabled.

11. All parts of his/her body contain VRL-1 nerve-endings -- in which
those VRL-1 functions as thermal pain receptors -- should be scorched
with smokeless, charless, sootless, ashless, emberless, non-toxic,
clean, non-polluting, orangish-yellow oxyacetylene flames until his/
her body is completely dehydrated from the flame's heat.** [See notes
on VRL-1 nerves]

The flame burn injuries will cause severe dehydration and loss of
blood volume by heating up the skin's water and causing it to
evaporate. Shock sets in as the blood continues to thicken. After 2
immeasurably-long hellish hours the hipcrime scumslime will most
likely die. The sick f--k will be in SO much pain and distress yet
totally unable to express any hint of it; not even a single tear drop
will be shed from his/her eyes. Such cold-hearts deserve such fates.
It's called "eye for an eye."

*Psychological protective mechanisms: quotes :

"In psychogenic coma the eyelids are kept firmly shut and are
resistant to opening. Oculocephalic responses are unpredictable though
nystamus is evident on caloric testing. Motor tone is normal or
inconsistent and limb reflexes retained. Other physical signs based on
reflex self protection have been used in this syndrome though their
validity has not been formally assessed. The EEG shows awake rhythms."

Quotes from

"Pseudocoma, also known as psychogenic unresponsiveness or feigned
coma, is difficult to diagnose and should be based on a diagnosis of
exclusion because, if true coma is overlooked, the result could be
disastrous. Therefore, all patients with coma suspected of being
psychogenic in origin must undergo thorough evaluation until the
diagnosis is clearly established. A conversion reaction and
malingering are the most common causes of pseudocoma."

"It is important to remember that none of the historical data
absolutely include or exclude the possibility of pseudocoma. However,
there are some clinical findings suggestive of psychogenic origin,
such as conditions precipitated by stress. Pseudocoma usually begins
or persists when an observer is present. Patients with pseudocoma
slump to the floor and protect themselves from hitting their heads and
other body parts."

"During examination, patients with pseudocoma usually make
semipurposeful avoiding movements. They have normal pupils, corneal
reflexes and plantar reflexes. They may keep their eyes firmly shut
and resist the opening of the eye by examiners. Because eyelid tone
cannot be changed at will, in patients with true coma passive eyelid
opening is easy and is followed by slow eyelid closure. Blinking also
increases in feigned coma, but decreases in true coma. Passive eye
opening in a sleeping or an actually comatose person results in
mydriasis if the pupillary reflex mechanisms are intact. Conversely,
opening the eyes of a person who is awake produces miosis. The eyes
roll up when the lids are raised, known as Bell's phenomenon as
mentioned before, in patients with psychogenic pseudocoma, while the
eyes remain in the neutral position in patients with real coma. Roving
eye movements cannot be imitated and their presence indicates true
coma. In contrast, voluntary saccadic eye movements seen in feigned
coma are usually faster and briskly with a well-defined endpoint.
Pseudocoma patients may respond with purposeful movement to painful
stimulation and avoid unpleasant stimuli such as a nasal tickle. The
presence of nystagmus during cold caloric testing suggests that coma
is either feigned or hysterical, because nystagmus requires an intact
cerebral cortex and brainstem. Additionally, cold water caloric
stimulation is noxious and can induce nausea and vomiting, or
awakening in patients with psychogenic coma."

"Similarly to patients with pseudoparalysis, the hands of patients
with pseudocoma do not often hit their face when dropped. However, the
diagnostic validity of this kind of self-protection sign has not been
evaluated convincingly. Furthermore, unethical provocative maneuvers,
such as dropping alcohol in the nostrils or olfactory stimulation
using ammonium, should not be used to induce responsiveness in
patients deemed to be in feigned coma."

Quotes from

"Psychogenic amnesia (also called functional amnesia) is a form of
amnesia which occurs in otherwise healthy people -- i.e., it is not
the result of a brain injury. It involves loss of important personal
information. Another term for this condition is functional amnesia."

"In one form of psychogenic amnesia, called fugue state, individuals
may forget not only their pasts but their very identities. Despite the
many Hollywood movies depicting this phenomenon, fugue state is
extremely rare in real life. Fugue state normally resolves with time,
particularly with the help of therapy."

"A more common form of psychogenic amnesia is dissociative amnesia. In
this state, an individual may experience memory loss which is
restricted to a particular period of time, such as the duration of a
violent crime. This memory loss is too extensive to be explained by
ordinary forgetting, and instead may reflect the fact that the
information is too stressful or traumatic to be remembered.
Dissociative amnesia is a psychological phenomenon, rather than a
physiological one, and may often be resolved with the help of

More on psychogenic blackouts [escapes] which must be prevented:

**VRL-1 nerves:

TRPV2 (also called VRL-1) responds to temperatures above 52 Celsius.
"Painfully hot"

VR-1 responds to capsaicin. VRL-1 does NOT. There is a world of

VRL-1 responds only to "painfully hot"

VR-1 responds to hot, chili, and acids.

Once again, there is a BIG difference between VR-1 and VRL-1. Read
the quotes from

"TRPV1 (also known as VR1) = Hot (>43 Celsius). Also activated by
capsaicin, the active ingredient of hot chili peppers, by camphor, and
by acids (protons)."

"TRPV2 (also called VRL-1) = Painfully hot (>52 Celsius)"

"VR1 for hot, and VRL1 for super hot."

In the skin, VRL-1 serves as a thermal nociceptor. However in the
viscera, lungs and other internal organs, VRL-1 has a totally
different purpose.

So dermal VRL1-excitation is significantly more painful than VR1
excitation. This is why thermal burns are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more
agonizing than acid-burns of the same depth. This is also why
"temperature hot" is a lot more algogenic than "chili hot". All cuz of
those nasty VRL-1s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, these net-abusing hipcrime bullies deserve to roast alive over a
cheese-colored fire.

A flaming suit [device that aims flames at the bully's skin] should be
custom-built to fit the size and shape of the bully after he/she has
gone through the steps 1-10, I described.

The flame suit fits the entire body of the bully. Right after steps
1-10, the bully is stripped completely naked -- to prevent smoke-
inhalation from ignited clothing. Only then is he/she put into the
flame suit. Then the flaming starts and his/her skin turns to white
blistering foam, even if the bully is dark-skinned. In fact, the burn
wounds are far more apparent in a dark-skinned individual because his/
her skin is mostly dark while the burn wounds are white due to thermal
denaturation of the skin's pigments. The flames are made by smoothly
igniting oxyacetylene and then feeding it the through the flame suit.
Sodium ions are mixed with the oxyacetylene to give the flames a
terrifying orangish-yellow--reddish-pink color.

Once the body is completely dehydrated, the flames are turned off, and
the bullying-scumfoam is left to die under the afternoon sun outdoors.
Well, actually, all of this occurs outdoors in the type of weather I

The bully will be in excruciating pain and will want to die. In about
120 minutes, his/her wish will surely be answered, as dehydration
reaches fatal extents. The area in which he/she suffers in dies should
be a sandy open area. So right after the fire, put him/her in the
dirty dusty sand.

The color of the flame, and the weather will only add to the horror of
the burn injuries. All other bull-teasers should be made to watch as
this bully dies his/her slow, painful, yet sure death before it's
their turn to be punished.

Not to mention, the burn wounds look like white foam. This
characteristic appearance is terrifying and sickening to most viewers.
However, these wounds still not nearly as scary as the color and shape
of the flames.

Any assistance, understanding, and cooperation on this matter are
highly appreciated.

Any questions/comments also welcome.



Sayed's credit frees regarding our festival after we vanish away from it.

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