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Hide handcursor on a touchscreen kiosk app in flash

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May 10, 2006, 9:08:37 AM5/10/06

I'm using a touchscreen in a kiosk (PC Windows XP) in order to present
a multimedia software written in Flash. The driver of the touchscreen
can not hide the mouse cursor, so I make a invisible cursor in windows
pref to make it disapear. That doesn't works well on interactive zone
(the handcursor appears).
How to hide the Flash handcursor when the finger rollover the active
zones ?
- without modify the actionscript (because it is a big app which works
fine with a classical mouse device)
- without using "parkmouse.exe" stuff
- with a good stability
I'm using Flash 7 ActiveX in IE 6.02 (but it's the same behavior in
Firefox 1.5)
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