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Jul 5, 2008, 6:01:55 PM7/5/08
June 2008 archives for the blogger

June 25, 2008
Judgement Day Coming Up for Windows XP
7:12 on Wednesday June 25, 2008

Microsoft is really serious about this Monday, June 30, being the end
date for selling Windows XP licenses with new computers -- so serious
that Senior Vice President Bill Veghte wrote a letter clarifying some of
the details....

June 24, 2008
Kiosk Case Study - Deli Pre-Ordering stations
16:17 on Tuesday June 24, 2008

Case Study: Nino's lets customers preorder at kiosks. Nino Salvaggio,
the specialty grocer best known for its fresh produce and imported
gourmet foods, is applying fast-food restaurant technology to its deli
department to reduce the other thing it's known for...

PeopleCube and KIOSK Information Systems Partner to Deliver Innovative
Reservation Kiosk Solutions
12:43 on Tuesday June 24, 2008

provider of intelligent workplace, resource and energy management
technology, today announced an alliance partnership with KIOSK
Information Systems, a designer and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor
kiosks, public Internet stations and other electronic self-service...

PSI Cash Express(TM) Kiosks/ATM Being Deployed
12:31 on Tuesday June 24, 2008

News release today from PSI -- "Equally important is the roll-out of a
limited number of PSI's E-Banking Kiosks. Such Kiosks enable users as
follows: to purchase gifts cards, phone cards and debit cards; to obtain
standard ATM services; and...

June 23, 2008
Case Study - Travel and Registered Traveler Kiosks
11:45 on Monday June 23, 2008

HERE.S the hope: You pay nearly $100 and undergo a background check to
become a Registered Traveler. Then you zip through airport security.
Here.s the truth: You may save time, but you.ll still have the hassle
because many features of...

June 20, 2008
Technology - Contactless Payment for Kiosks
12:30 on Friday June 20, 2008

With all the talk about PCI-compliance and identity it was good to see
new module fro VIVOtech for kiosks and contactless payment. Has the
14443 MiFare and also supports NFC-enabled....

Kiosk Case Study - Student Check-In at Universities
9:31 on Friday June 20, 2008

In the Education market, the functional "check-in kiosk" for students is
proving its value and worth. Pictures included....

June 18, 2008
Real Life - digital signage in China
7:48 on Wednesday June 18, 2008

One of our roving reporters was recently in China on vacation and took
photos of these units. Each unit has three 42" plasma screens and the
units extend down the street for over 2 miles (yep!). Shenzhen. More

June 17, 2008
QSR Opinion -- Improving the Experience
13:18 on Tuesday June 17, 2008

Subway.s new chief technology officer works to answer the question: .How
do you leverage technology to improve foodservice?....

QSR Study - Consumer Drive-Thru Preferences
13:07 on Tuesday June 17, 2008

New Hotel Check-In solution from NCR
8:20 on Tuesday June 17, 2008

AUSTIN, Texas . NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today unveiled its newly
designed NCR XpressPort, a sophisticated and modular hotel check-in
kiosk designed to meet consumer demand for self-service convenience in a
high-touch environment....

June 16, 2008
Onity Kiosk helps universities cut to front-of-the-line efficiency
13:35 on Monday June 16, 2008

"Check-in historically has involved a lot of time-consuming, one-on-one
interaction, with almost every new and returning resident," says Anthony
Zamora, head of IT support for the University of San Diego (USD)....

Sex offender check-in kiosks
11:32 on Monday June 16, 2008

New hight tech biometric check-in kiosk for sex offenders in Tacoma, WA.
One of the savings is in fingerprint cards will no longer need to be
printed which is costing the department $500 a month right now....

June 13, 2008
Video - St. Clair Profile Video
8:42 on Friday June 13, 2008

Nice introduction to St. Clair with Chris Peter over in London. Also
talks about gift cards (big deployment for Dave and Busters current
notable)... [watch video]......

Video - Phil Cutrone on HP entry to kiosk market
8:22 on Friday June 13, 2008

HP announced that it is adding self-service kiosks to its portfolio to
meet the needs of business customers at KioskCom Self Service -- watch

June 12, 2008
Video profile kiosk companies
15:18 on Thursday June 12, 2008

Video feature on kiosk company. Also demonstration of EyeSite kiosk and
HP Cosmetic Kiosk....

Opinion - Is Cash an Endangered Species?
6:50 on Thursday June 12, 2008

Opinion paper by Mike Lee of ATMIA on the future of cash. Often we hear
about cashless society and how credit cards are becoming the majority
payment method. Fact is that cash transactions have always been the
majority transaction in...

June 11, 2008
Technology - Review of Intel Atom CPU
8:16 on Wednesday June 11, 2008

or a few months, we.d been hearing talk of a new dedicated Intel
processor for MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), intended to compete with
ARM processors. Initially known by the names Silverthorne and
Diamondville, the processors in this new line will...

June 09, 2008
Picture a digital world
9:04 on Monday June 9, 2008

How digital continues to change the photo industry and especially for
the smaller photo stores with their new digital printing lounges....

June 05, 2008
Security - Deconstructing PCI 6.6
10:43 on Thursday June 5, 2008

Organizations handling credit cards feel pressure building as the
deadline for PCI Requirement 6.6 compliance, June 30, 2008, approaches.
Most are still evaluating how to strategically ensure compliance with
this requirement, while maintaining a strong security posture....

Security - Changing the POS burden
10:40 on Thursday June 5, 2008

SC Magazine, one of the leading security publications, today published
an article by Rosen Sharma of Solidcore about point-of-sale security....

June 04, 2008
Technology - Google takes on iPhone?
9:21 on Wednesday June 4, 2008

Google does tech demo of new opensource interface builder for mobile
phones. Its the closest thing to an iPhone interface you can find (and
not by accident). Steve Horowitz Engineering Director with Google does
video demo of app. Built-in Compass...

June 03, 2008
Motley Fool Shoots Down Blockbuster/Keyes Idea
13:06 on Tuesday June 3, 2008

We saw the article on readwriteweb about blockbuster but the writeup on
Motley Fool is much much better analysis of why the video download kiosk
announced by Blockbuster is much more likely to fail than to succeed.
The incremental foot...

Security - So what exactly is the PCI DSS spec?
7:05 on Tuesday June 3, 2008

You've heard of the ten commandments, or maybe Miles Davis and Seven
Steps to Heaven. Well here are the 12 payment card industry (PCI) data
security standards (DSS)....

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