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Jun 6, 2020, 12:34:33 PM6/6/20
Hi Guys. I retired many years ago, and stumbled on this old posting from me. My old GPS Software is still free, but hardly anybody would use it now - after 20 years or more. Wherever you are in the World, particularly if Japan, please visit my new "Covid19" page on and make contact direct on any of my usual old email addresses. My "Home" page is After me getting up to date on who you are, and where you are, maybe you will want to join the Google Group ROBINLOVELOCKSFRIENDS that we only set up yesterday. In this Covid19 lockdown, we are enjoying sharing information, about all sorts of shared interests, with old and new friends in many countries.
Robin Lovelock

On Tuesday, 8 April 1997 08:00:00 UTC+1, Robin Lovelock wrote:
> Japanese and English speech files are available for download and use
> with GPSS in any country. You can switch between English and Japanese.
> GPSS (GPS Software) displays maps and speaks to provide car navigation.
> All details are explained on
> Free software and map samples for various places around the World
> are also on the Web Site. All is explained in on the Download page.
> In addition to the basic package of GPSS software files, sounds, and UK
> maps,
> this site also provides sample maps and sounds for Australia, Belgium,
> China, Crete, France, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Java,
> Korea,
> New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA. More detailed map
> data is
> available on the Web Site for some places such as New York, Washington
> Tokyo, London, and Sydney. This has been uploaded in response to
> requests.
> Speech is available in both English and Japanese.
> If you have downloaded GPSS, are running it with success 'on the road'
> in a sound-capable Notebook PC connected to a GPS receiver, but are
> outside the area of the maps already available for downloading, then
> you may request Robin Lovelock to put a map onto the site for you and
> others in your area. Please understand that not everyone can be pleased
> and that priority will be given to those outside the USA and UK.
> Please do not contact Robin to request extra maps until after you have
> downloaded and run (on the road) the software and data already there.
> Please state in your email message what GPS said when it first received
> GPS data in your location. Please include your Latitude and Longitude.
> GPSS runs under Windows 3.1, 3.11 and 95 with sound.
> It accepts data from any NMEA GPS receiver into the computers COM port.
> GPSS can also be used with voice recognition software
> to interact with the driver as follows:
> driver : "Where are we ?"
> computer : "We are 25 miles west of London and in Sunninghill"
> driver : "Gas Station ?"
> computer : "The nearest filling station is Esso, two miles ahead.."
> Upgrades to GPSS include remote multiple vehicle tracking over various
> communications bearers such as cellular phone, radio and Inmarsat-C.
> Best Regards from Robin Lovelock of Sunninghill Systems in UK

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