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Longman GeoInformation email addresses

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Robert Buttress

Aug 8, 1994, 6:08:28 AM8/8/94
FYI Here are our email addresses:

Unfortunately, we have pretty poor front-end software; mail that is not
sent to a recognised addressee gets lost. i.e. it does *not* go to a postmaster
account. Thus if mail does not get through, it is likely that the addressee
has been incorrectly entered.

*ALL* addresses below are <name>

Seppe Cassettari Managing Director seppec
Vanessa Lawrence Technical Director vanessal

Data Products Development
Robin Waters Data Products Manager rwaters
Doris Brenke Data Projects Manager dorisb

Publishing Division
Roy Opie Publisher royo
Robert Buttress Circulation & Marketing robertb
Mai Ward Advertising Sales maiw

GIS Europe Magazine
Niki Browne Editor nikib
Liz Loxton Associate Editor lizl

Try also: ge_edit (non-specific) editorial
ge_adv (non-specific) advertising

Mapping Awareness Magazine
Rachel Cooper Editor rachelc
Jenni Middleton Associate Editor jennim

Try also: ma_edit (non-specific) editorial
ma_adv (non-specific) advertising

GIS Tutor
Elizabeth Wijnmaalen Product Manager elizw

GIS for Business 95
Silke Heist Exhibition Manager silkeh

Robert J Buttress Longman GeoInformation

Voice: +44 (0)1223 423020 307 Cambridge Science Park
Fax: +44 (0)1223 425787 Milton Road
E-Mail: Cambridge CB4 4ZD
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Apr 23, 2017, 3:19:15 PM4/23/17
Does anyone live here any more???
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